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Help us to preserve our Children's ability to DREAM, IMAGINE & "BEE"LIEVE...

Walt Disney had it and some other famous positive role models of our society had it too.

It’s the “BEE" Effect™…”, which transforms imagination into creativity.

Walt Disney was one time asked “What do you do exactly ?” and Walt hesitated and answered, that he

almost sees himself like a BEE, who on a daily basis spreads his inspirational entrepreneurial “magical pollen” amongst his team, which is than able to take his imaginations and turn it into entertainment realities, we all know and love so much. Walt “believed” in his project, while others did still not see it, and he succeeded within it, as we all know the history.

There is opportunity to convey to the youth of this world, that Walt was an positive inspirational and education role model, whom we can use to teach not only his great concepts of animation, but “How to use imagination and transform it into reality” available as educational programs, so every school child on this planet get’s the chance to learn how to transform imagination into creative concepts.

We can do this by showcasing the live of all famous positive role models of our society like Walt in entertaining ways, who knew exactly what it's all about and that is to…


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